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Meet our Handsome Hunks

At Red House Dogs, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our dads, all with AKC registration, are the best fellas. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.

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Miniature Poodle

Meet one of our poodle studs, Murry! He is a red miniature poodle full of spunk and personality. Murry is feisty and fun and full of energy, but he is also a snuggle bug and wants all the attention he can get. Murry weighs approximately 12 lbs.

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Miniature Poodle

Cotton is our miniature cream colored poodle. He has beautiful eyes, light brown with a greenish tint to them. He is super energetic and sweet. He bounces and prances all around the yard. He loves to play with Moose. They are big buds. 
Cotton is quirky and fun and very loving. He loves to get a haircut and to sit in your lap and snuggle. Cotton weighs approximately 16 lbs.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Meet Moose. He is by far the sweetest boy on the planet. He is so snugly and craves his humans! His sweet disposition will be passed down through his puppies. Everyone who meets Moose automatically falls in love with his personality. 
Moose is spelled like the animal because he used to play with a toy moose. We called him Chocolate Peanut Butter because of his black and tan colors. Moose weighs approximately 18 lbs.



Miniature Poodle

Otis is the most fun little fella! He is always playing with something. From sticks to real toys, he throws them around and plays fetch all day long! He is so smart and loving. He does this cute little thing with his paw. I think he is trying to get my attention to say something important! He is a red and white abstract mini poodle on the small side. Otis weighs approximately 11 lbs.

Interested in taking home one of these guys' puppies? Check out the available puppies page. Contact us for more details.

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